The Ventilator

Tough times, I wonder.  Or should I say toughest times? I run through the packed corridors of the second floor hoping that the ventilator doesn’t hit any of the patients on the ground. The heat brooding inside my coveralls is extracting the tiniest drop of energy within me. Each step somehow feels more painful than stepping on shards of glass. But I’ll not give up. This is my choice, and this is what my choice demands of me.

I enter room 902. There is man on the patient bed, wrinkled like a raisin and gasping for breath. He was shaking like he could see death looming right behind me. I had to calm him down.

‘Sir, everything is going to be alright. How are you feeling?’

‘Breath…. I can’t…. it hurts everywhere…’

‘Sir, everything will be fine. This machine right here will help you breathe. I just want you to calm down so I can help you with this.’

A shift in the fear I see in his eyes. Hope. That’s right, everything is going to be fine with this man. The other male nurse from 5th floor runs into the room. I don’t remember his name.

‘Help me with the ventilation. Get the oxygen mask and sleep medication ready too in case of unbearable pain.’

We carefully set up the ventilation and wait to see if his condition stabilizes. I turn back to look the male nurse. His shift must’ve been longer than mine. The tired eyes were all too visible even with the googles. His feet were stuck to the ground and he looked like the dummy that wore the coverall before him.

‘We have to attend the other patients. Let’s go.’ He nods.

The door opens suddenly and came in the physician in charge with a girl on another bed; around 12 years old, still body and flowing hair.

‘Ah. It’s good that you are here. Attend to this patient immediately. Top priority.’

‘Sir, what about the ventilator?’




‘Use that one.’ All our eyes dart to where the doctor looks. The ventilator connected to the old man

‘But, doctor’

‘She’s 12. He is 73. He wouldn’t have a long time even after all of this. Do what I say.’ He walks out.

Everything happened too quick. However, I think it is going to be etched in my soul. The gaze of defeat and resignation in the man’s eyes. It was not fear anymore. The ventilator was removed, and the male nurse started working on connecting it to the girl. I again approached the man with sleep medication, a painless death; I could give that to him. He laid there limp, only his head slowly turning to look at the girl. As his eyes shut, I realized it wasn’t death that he saw behind me but me as death.

Awesome Blogger Award

Hmmmm…. I’m surprised…

But let’s go….


You are quite a blogger yourself and I’d like to recommend it to ALL OF YOU  reading this post!!


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  1. What inspired you to pick up blogging?

I’m guilty but I’m honest, so here you go. I was really not the kind of person who’d go an extra mile to show my talents. So the blog was a result of making my portfolio look good. Despite the abandonment of the particular purpose of this blog, my drive for writing didn’t die. So I kept going; writing whatever my mind conjures when I sit in my tiny study. And here I am; utterly baffled at the thought of being nominated for this award by a fellow writer.

2. What are some of your fears?

Disappointment. Kinda explains why I never had the thought of starting a blog some years ago. The fear of being not liked or disappointed killed many opportunities I had gotten. But somewhere down the line made me work hard so that I’d never have to face that disappointment. I know, doesn’t sound really inspiring.

3.Chocolate or Vanilla?

Both, I guess?

4. Your favorite book of all time aside from Harry potter

I’m a huge fan of Agatha Christie. “And then there were none” is my top pick. If I could sneak one more in “Angels and Demons” by Dan Brown too.

5. Your favorite character and why

Hmmmm…. I need to put in some thought to that.

6. Do you have a role model? If yes, who and why

Quite some. I have a happy family and I’d like to be a mix of my mom, dad and grandma. Very impressive individuals, I must say. Balanced aspects of loyalty, rationality and independence in that order.

7. Have you ever wondered how cotton candy is made?

It has got me fascinated and curious but not enough to actually check on it.

8. Tell us one thing you’re proud of

Being the mature ‘mom’ in any group I am. It’s a trait of mine that both I and other people find endearing.

9. Tea or coffee

Mint black tea

10. If you had to live in one country for a year which country would you want to live in and why?

Italy. I think it’s a really beautiful country and I am really interested in the history and culture of the country. And of course, the food. I like to eat and want to try the authentic cuisine.

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  6. A belief that you strongly care about
  7. Life motto
  8. A drama you would recommend to a stranger
  9. Which is the kind of apocalypse you think you’d survive?
  10. What do you think the world need the most now?    

That’s all folks. Hmmm…. Sounds like quite the ordinary.

Thank you to all the lovely people out there reading this post. I hope you like it and stay safe despite the dire circumstances outside. We’ll fight it!!

See you next time!!

Just a passenger on the long journey

The train stopped at the station

All drowsy yet restless

Closed eyes wondered if this journey would ever reach its destination.

Among the tens of feet stepping onto the train

Did I feel a footing like a gush of wind

that made me fly without wings.

She handed me the golden ticket

And light came in despite the surrounding snowy thicket

Her smile so enchanting

For even the stars above me wondered

Whose glitter shines so bright, blinding all eyes

And the sweet embrace like of the winter blankets

That welcome you into the beautiful spring

Nectarous and pleasant

The tepid glow of our entwining fingers

Sheltered me from the worst tempest.

Stayed with me for days that I had hoped to be decades until

Sound asleep and rid was I from restless nightmares finally

But the chilling frost creeping up my fingers

Did push my eyes open, blurry

Only to see her standing by the door

Her hair flowing with the cool breeze

As she steps out into white taking away the warmth I ever lived for

And never to be seen again

Just like a passenger on a long journey.

The fisherman’s cry

She ran like a little girl to the shore

Her floral skirt flowing with the rhythm of the breeze

Fingertips gently tracing the trails on her neck

Left by the absence of her black pearl necklace.

Just like he had promised as he sailed into the horizon with her black pearls

She wished for her lover to hook the beads when he’d return

With tales untold of wailing winds and mystery mermen

Or a pair of dancers for her ears, she wouldn’t mind.

She sat on the sand, sea washing her feet

Looking out for the return of the crescent shaped boat

The setting sun as big as her bindi, kissing her skin oh so soft

The salt of the sea tickling her tongue.

Some feet away, the waves wash in a black pearl necklace

Silently screeching, her lover’s cries

When she breathes his return

And he’s embraced by the curse of the sea.

The Little things of the Everyday Evening

Peering through the window of my bubble,

I wonder

The things that are of the everyday evening,

Cars zooming in and out, shining red and yellow,

Like infinite and fierce shooting stars of the faraway sky.

Buildings growing tall,

Matching the wild and untamed grass of green

That springs in the exiled corners of the central park.

Although luxuriant they flourish,

They aren’t sights like that of green grass

Tingling senses of eyes and feet.

Waddling through this dry turf of grey,

Are ants that carry bags of laptop,

Seeking the sweet embrace of rest and refuge

After long hours of seeking bread.

 They strut into bubbles like mine,

That lights up and out

Like the twinkling of distant and reachable stars.

Is this the only beauty that I was promised,

By this world unlike the others

I wonder, I wonder,

Do I have to venture into the untouched lands of solitude,

for what I seek

I wonder, I wonder,

Peering through the window of my bubble

I wonder.  

Avengers Endgame VS GOT season 8 How a good story needs a good ending

Ending is that part of a story which heralds the reaction “So, it’s over”. Now, the emotions that this phrase carries could differ with the quality of the dessert served after the meal. The climax to any plot is one of the most crucial components that has the capability to enrich the viewer’s or reader’s satisfaction. 2019 April has been an overwhelming month for any nerdy fan like me as it was the platform for the close of two amazingly built worlds- the “Marvel Cinematic Universe (Phase 3)” and “Game of Thrones”. While the end of one was gratifying, the other had an utterly frustrating one. “Why though?”, you may ask. Both the series started off successfully capturing the hearts of millions around the world but ended up taking different ways when it was time for the final act.

Based on the Marvel Comics created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Avengers: Endgame is the movie marking the END of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 3. Praised by critics, Avengers: Endgame is the best of what MCU can offer as the fight against the big baddie Thanos. Even with the tear shedding climax, the movie stands out as a role model for character developments and importance of plot even in superhero movies. On the path of defeating the 10-year reign of James Cameron’s Avatar, Avengers: Endgame is to be hailed as the highest grossing movie of all time. All this fame and prestige that the movie has brought to itself shows the necessity of a good ending for a story. The movie has remained true all the character developments making all these god-like characters captivating and human-like. Avengers: Endgame was designed in a meticulous manner such that it remains consistent with its theme and provides justice to the journey we, as audience have been through.

On the other hand, we have Game of Thrones, historical fantasy series based on George R.R. Martin’s fantasy novel series, A Song of Ice and Fire. The show was a hit due to its visuals and a heavily dramatic plot even when it was criticized for its use of disturbing imagery and themes. Characters of the drama were grey and diverse by nature and the world created by the series felt realistic even with elements of magic and myth. But when it was time to say goodbye, Game of Thrones took a turn no one believed. Game of Thrones season 8 was a disappointment for many of its fans, some even seeking therapy to the shocking and disheartening climax. What is it that went wrong on the way to the destination for Game of Thrones? All the character arcs that developed over 7 seasons and 8 years vaporized into thin air. All the show had to present was inconsistent characters and storylines, unorganized sequence of events, dull and dragged scenes of war and a set of unexpected people popping out as saviours of the day in an attempt to surprise the audience. The series didn’t even brush through strong characters and their traits in order to come up with an anticipating climax that would bust all the theories on the internet but failed miserably in doing so. At the end, all fans out there are begging for a remake of the final season with competent writers not considering the $90 million, 435 minutes of television and countless other hours dedicated to make the season 8 possible.  

Both these epic series emerge as examples of stories with different endings. Although, a surprise in the ending would be highly appreciated but that shouldn’t come at the cost of the consistency of the plot and its characters. A story is cherished for the journey it takes the viewers on and never can be successful at its purpose with a passenger feeling uneasy at the end of the journey.

Education and how Sky Castle talks about it

Education – its meaning has changed over years and so has its technique. Now with its different types across the world, we find it extremely different to choose the right one. Pursuing education today has lost the complete idea of instilling morality within future generations due to the competitive and capitalist techniques of teaching. This shift in teaching methods has put the question “why we need to be educated” into a trivial position. Why is it that we must study? Is it to earn money? Or is it to uphold the prestige of our families? We have completely forgotten about the REAL reason: to make world a better place. One of the very best examples of this is a Korean drama I recently happened to watch that completely changed my perspective as a student on how and why to study.

Sky castle is a satirical Korean drama series starring Yum Jung-ah, Lee Tae-ran, Yoon Se-rah, Oh Na-ra and Kim Seo-hyung as the lead actors. The series talks about struggles of four housewives regarding the education of their children living in the luxurious residential community “SKY CASTLE”. The driving force of the show is the lust of the residents of SKY CASTLE to send their children to the Seoul National University (SNU), the said generator of South Korea’s oozing brilliance. The show kickstarts with the suicide of a resident when she gets to know her son running away to live with their servant girl after getting into SNU. The series then revolves around various struggles of students attending the Korean educational system, familial pressures of getting into a good university and the shady private tutor of the deceased resident’s son and how she exploits personal issues of families to destroy them.  The show uses beautiful and luxurious landscapes as its setting and portrays one of the most familiar and plausible challenges in a student’s life. Sky castle is currently the highest rated Korean drama series in cable television and is a MUST watch for all the families and Korean drama lovers. The most notable achievement of the drama is the conflicting and contradictory emotions that it has extracted from its viewers – uneasy yet suspenseful enough for us to sit through the entire venture, at the edge of the seat, biting nails. Episode after episode, the drama tightens the rope around the audiences’ neck with the gushing emotions flooding the story. The drama ends with the sighs of relief from the viewers and the concept of “Good defeats all Evil”.

This drama inspires us to change our outlook about learning. The first learning that should be taught to all students is the real reason why we get educated. It is not to make someone feel proud and someone else feel put down. The education we acquire should be a privilege to the world rather than for ourselves. It is humility and a humane heart that we should gain from our education in place of losing it. When all of this is fulfilled, only then will learning be true to its purpose.

Only Time Will Tell

Only Time Will Tell is the introductory book of the Clifton Chronicles series written by Jeffrey Archer. The book uses the very real Britain during the period between World War 1 and World War 2 as its setting. The plot revolving around the protagonist Harry Clifton is a simple story dealing with some psychological themes and characters. The story tells us about different types of people; the loyal and the righteous also the cunning and immoral. The use of British institutions and personalities as references with the themes of poverty and struggles faced by women, the book gives a very distinct portrayal of Britain during the early 20th century.

The story talks about both the early and late years of childhood and adolescence of Harry Clifton tangled in poverty, young love, friendship, loyalty and righteousness. The plot begins with the prelude of Maisie Clifton, Harry’s mother describing a very brief affair she had with a stranger few weeks before her wedding. Years later, we learn about young Harry, being carefree about his academics and life, planning to join the docks like his uncle Stanford Tancock and late father Arthur Clifton ( said to have died in the war ) until he’s enrolled in the Holy Nativity’s choir for his angelic vocals by his mother, headmaster Mr Holcombe and “friendly neighbourhood madman” old Jack who is actually a Victorian cross war hero. Under the influence of his well-wishers, Harry is enlightened with the importance of education and wins a choral scholarship to St Bede’s. There, he meets Giles Barrington and Deakins who later become close friends of Harry. On Giles’s 12th birthday, we are introduced to the Barrington family led by Hugo Barrington whose distaste for Harry indicates the readers that Hugo might be the stranger who was involved with Maisie. After further information, Hugo reaches to the conclusion that Harry could be his first-born son as both were colour blind.

On the other hand, we see Maisie with many short-lived relationships struggling to enrol her son into the Bristol Grammar School. She eventually buys the coffee shop of her ex employer, Ms Tilly’s. Everything seems to be going good for her until her coffee shop is burnt to ground by a rejected suitor of her, threatening Harry’s education. This leads to Old Jack to use his trump card; Hugo and his mistake of past. Old Jack threatens Hugo with his negligence that caused the death of Arthur Clifton. Fearing the ruination of his reputation, Hugo agrees to Old Jack by paying Harry’s tuition fee. Maisie then starts working for her previous employer with a lower salary. This fuels Hugo’s pursuit of destroying Maisie’s life. He exposes her relationship with an attorney and frames her for insincerity at workplace. She loses her job and then starts working as a bartender in secret. Harry, who later discovers this truth remains silent and respects his mother.

With all this happening, readers are disclosed with the romantic relationship between Harry and Emma Barrington, daughter of Hugo. Harry and Emma decide to get married and are supported by everyone but Hugo. Maisie remains silent not wishing to snatch Harry of his happiness. But on the day of the wedding, Old Jack reveals to the rest of the world that Harry could be the son of Hugo Barrington. The wedding is put a stop. Disheartened, Harry decides to run away to solve all the problems not realising that Emma is pregnant with his child. One fine night of his sea voyage, the ship is struck by some missiles due to the pre-World War II tensions. Everyone dies except Harry and he decides to steal the identity of an American sailor who was on board so that he isn’t sent back home. On reaching USA, he is immediately arrested by the cops for first degree murder which was committed by the American who’s identity he had stolen. The first book of the Clifton Chronicles ends here for the readers.